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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leading360 Leadership Insights?

Leading360 is an insights-driven leadership performance platform that offers diagnostics tools, leadership performance optimization, and benchmarking to individuals and organisations of all sizes. We help you understand and maximize your leadership potential.

What does the i-Lead assessment tool do?

The i-Lead assessment tool helps individuals identify their leadership potential and the impact they can have in their organisation. It provides a snapshot of leadership attributes based on character, empathy, and purpose.

What Can I do after I have taken the assessment?

After you have taken the i-Lead Assessment, there are several practical ways you can improve upon the results and further develop your leadership skills. Here are some suggestions:

1- Self-Reflection: Take the time to reflect on your assessment results and identify the areas where you excel and where there is room for improvement. Use this self-awareness to set personal development goals and create an action plan.

2- Seek Feedback: Reach out to trusted colleagues, mentors, or supervisors and ask for their feedback on your leadership strengths and areas for growth. Their insights can provide valuable perspectives and help you prioritize your development efforts.

3- Continuous Learning: Invest in your ongoing learning and development by reading books, attending leadership seminars or workshops, or enrolling in leadership development programs. Expand your knowledge, acquire new skills, and stay updated with the latest leadership trends.

4- Find a Mentor or Coach: Engage with a mentor or coach who can provide guidance, support, and accountability as you work on improving your leadership skills. Their expertise and experience can offer valuable insights and help you navigate challenges.

5- Practice Self-Reflection: Regularly reflect on your leadership experiences and interactions. Consider what went well, what could have been done differently, and how to apply those learnings to future situations. Actively seek opportunities to apply and refine your leadership skills.

6- Embrace Development Opportunities: Look for opportunities within your organisation to take on leadership roles or projects. Volunteer for cross-functional teams, lead initiatives, or mentor junior colleagues. These experiences will allow you to practice and develop your leadership abilities.

7- Seek Additional Assessments: Consider retaking the i-Lead Assessment or exploring other leadership assessments as your leadership journey progresses. Periodic assessments can help you track your growth, measure progress, and identify new areas for development.

8- Network and Collaborate: Engage with other leaders in your field through networking events, professional associations, or online communities. Collaborating with peers can provide diverse perspectives, foster knowledge sharing, and create opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Remember, improving your leadership skills is a continuous journey. It requires dedication, self-reflection, and a commitment to lifelong learning. By implementing these practical steps, you can actively enhance your leadership abilities and significantly impact your organisation and those around you.

How are our i-Lead tools different from other Leadership traditional assessments tools?

Our i-Lead tools offer distinct advantages and differences compared to other assessments such and other leadership tools in the market. Here are some key differentiators:

1- Focus on Leadership Potential: While many assessments focus on strengths, characteristics, or personality traits, our i-Lead tool explicitly assesses leadership potential. It delves into character, empathy, and purpose to better understand an individual’s leadership capacity and ability to make a meaningful impact.

2- Comprehensive Approach: The i-Lead assessment takes a comprehensive approach to leadership assessment. It evaluates various dimensions of leadership, including character, emotional intelligence, communication, decision-making, team building, etc. This holistic view provides a more comprehensive understanding of an individual’s leadership capabilities.


3- Data to Destiny Journey: Our i-Lead tools go beyond just providing an assessment. We offer a structured journey called “Data to Destiny” that guides individuals through five steps to grow their leadership skills and impact. This journey provides practical and actionable steps to bridge the gap between assessment results and personal growth.

4- Methodically Elaborated Surveys: The i-Lead assessment surveys are meticulously designed and crafted to gather accurate and meaningful data. These surveys are developed using validated research methodologies, ensuring the reliability and validity of the assessment results.

5- Benchmarking and Global Trends: Our i-Lead tools offer the added advantage of benchmarking against global leadership trends within specific industries and markets. This provides valuable insights into how an individual’s leadership attributes compare to others in similar roles or contexts.

6- Flexibility and Adaptability: The i-Lead tools are designed to be adaptable to various contexts and leadership development needs. Whether for individuals, coaches/consultants, or SMEs, we offer different product options and bundles to cater to specific requirements.

7- Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously refining and enhancing our i-Lead tools based on ongoing research and feedback. This ensures that our assessments stay up-to-date and reflect the evolving understanding of effective leadership.

While other assessments have their merits, our i-Lead tool differentiate itself through itself focus on leadership potential, comprehensive approach, structured journey, methodically elaborated surveys, benchmarking capabilities, flexibility, and commitment to continuous improvement. We address leadership foundational issues often neglected but many leadership assessment tools.

Our i-Lead tools offer a unique perspective and a comprehensive framework to help individuals and organisations maximize their leadership potential and drive meaningful impact.

What is the i-Lead Assessment?

The i-Lead Assessment is a powerful tool that helps individuals gain insights into their leadership potential and impact on their organisation. It comprehensively analyses several key leadership attributes, focusing on character, empathy, and purpose. Completing the assessment will give you valuable insights to guide your personal and professional growth as a leader in specific areas covering intent, inspiration and impact.

Why should I take the i-Lead Assessment?

Taking the i-Lead Assessment offers several benefits:

1- Self-Awareness: The assessment helps you better understand your leadership strengths, areas for development, and your unique leadership style.

2- Personal Growth: The insights from the assessment can catalyze personal growth, allowing you to identify areas where you can enhance your leadership skills and make a more significant impact.

3- Organizational Impact: By leveraging the insights from the assessment, you can apply them to improve your leadership effectiveness within your organisation, leading to enhanced performance and better team dynamics.

4- Benchmarking: The i-Lead Assessment also provides benchmarking data, enabling you to compare your leadership attributes to global trends within your industry and market.

5- Remember, the i-Lead Assessment empowers you to unleash your leadership potential and make a positive difference in your professional journey.

What are the benefits for a coach or consultant to use the i-Lead assessment with their clients?

Using the i-Lead assessment as a coach or consultant with your clients offers several benefits:

Objective Assessment: The i-Lead assessment objectively analyses your clients’ leadership attributes based on character, empathy, and purpose. It offers a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and areas for development, serving as a reliable foundation for coaching and consulting engagements.

Customized Approach: The assessment results enable you to tailor your coaching or consulting approach to address your client’s needs and goals. With insights from the assessment, you can design personalized development plans that align with their unique leadership profiles.

Data-Driven Insights: The data generated by the i-Lead assessment provides concrete evidence and metrics for your coaching or consulting engagements. It helps set clear benchmarks, track progress, and showcase your value to your client’s leadership development journey.

Facilitating Self-Awareness: The assessment helps clients better understand their leadership style, strengths, and blind spots. This self-awareness is crucial for personal growth and creating positive behaviour change. As a coach or consultant, you can guide your clients in leveraging this self-awareness to enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Targeted Development Focus: With the assessment results, you can identify specific areas for improvement and focus on targeted development efforts. This allows you to guide your clients through targeted coaching sessions, workshops, or training programs that address their unique developmental needs.

Enhanced Client Engagement: Integrating the i-Lead assessment into your coaching or consulting services adds value to your offerings. It demonstrates your commitment to evidence-based methodologies and provides a structured framework for your client engagements. This can enhance client satisfaction and deepen the impact of your services.

Benchmarking and Progress Tracking: The i-Lead assessment offers benchmarking data that compares your clients’ leadership attributes to global leadership trends within their industry and market. This benchmarking capability enables you to track their progress over time and validate the effectiveness of your coaching or consulting interventions.

By incorporating the i-Lead assessment into your coaching or consulting practice, you can enhance the quality of your services, deliver targeted development strategies, and facilitate meaningful transformations in your clients’ leadership capabilities.

What are the benefits for an SME to use the i-Lead with their employees?

Using the i-Lead assessment with employees in an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) setting offers several benefits:

Leadership Development: The i-Lead assessment helps SMEs identify the leadership potential within their workforce. It allows you to assess the leadership attributes of your employees, identify emerging leaders, and nurture their growth potential. This contributes to the development of a strong leadership pipeline within your organisation.

Performance Optimization: By gaining insights into your employees’ leadership strengths and areas for improvement, you can align their roles and responsibilities to leverage their capabilities effectively. This performance optimization can lead to increased productivity, improved team dynamics, and better overall organizational outcomes.

Targeted Training and Development: The assessment results guide you in designing targeted training and development programs that address the specific needs of your employees. You can focus on enhancing their leadership skills, fostering effective communication, promoting collaboration, and cultivating a growth mindset.

Succession Planning: Due to limited resources, SMEs often need help with succession planning. The i-Lead assessment helps identify high-potential employees who can fill key leadership roles in the future. This enables you to create a succession plan, groom talent internally, and ensure a smooth transition when leadership positions become vacant.

Employee Engagement and Retention: Implementing the i-Lead assessment demonstrates your commitment to employee development and growth. It signals that you value their potential and are invested in their professional advancement. This can significantly enhance employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention within your SME.

Improved Decision-Making: The assessment results provide valuable data and insights to inform decision-making. You can make more informed decisions regarding talent acquisition, team composition, leadership training investments, and organizational restructuring based on the leadership attributes of your employees.

Competitive Advantage: Developing strong leadership within your SME can provide a competitive edge in the market. Effective leadership drives innovation, employee engagement, and organizational success. By utilizing the i-Lead assessment, you can nurture leadership capabilities that differentiate your SME and position it for long-term growth and sustainability.

Overall, incorporating the i-Lead assessment within your SME empowers you to identify and develop leadership potential, optimize performance, and create a culture of continuous improvement. It strengthens your organization’s leadership capabilities, enhances employee engagement, and positions your SME for success in a competitive business landscape.

Is the i-Lead also recommended for seasoned, experienced Leaders?

The i-Lead assessment is also highly recommended for seasoned, experienced leaders. Here are critical recommendations for why experienced leaders should check their leadership credentials:

Continual Growth and Development: Even experienced leaders can benefit from ongoing growth and development. The i-Lead assessment provides an opportunity for seasoned leaders to gain fresh insights into their leadership style, strengths, and areas for improvement. It promotes a mindset of continuous learning and self-improvement, ensuring that leaders stay relevant and adaptable in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Identification of Blind Spots: Over time, leaders may develop blind spots or unconscious biases that can hinder their effectiveness. By taking the i-Lead assessment, experienced leaders can uncover any blind spots they may have, such as communication patterns, decision-making biases, or leadership approaches that may no longer be optimal. This self-awareness empowers leaders to address these blind spots and refine their leadership approach.

Enhanced Self-Reflection: Seasoned leaders often operate in high-pressure environments and may have limited time for self-reflection. The i-Lead assessment prompts leaders to pause, reflect, and assess their leadership attributes objectively. It encourages introspection, self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of how their leadership style impacts their teams and organisations.

Validation and Reinforcement: Experienced leaders can gain validation and reinforcement of their existing leadership strengths through the i-Lead assessment. It helps them recognize and leverage their established leadership qualities, ensuring they continue to build upon their successes. This affirmation can boost confidence and motivation, leading to even greater effectiveness in their leadership roles.

Stay Ahead of Leadership Trends: Leadership trends and best practices evolve. By taking the i-Lead assessment, experienced leaders can benchmark themselves against current global leadership trends within their industry and market. This allows them to identify areas where they may need to adapt or acquire new skills to stay at the forefront of leadership excellence.

Role Modeling and Mentoring: Seasoned leaders play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of leaders. By engaging in the i-Lead assessment, experienced leaders set an example for their teams and demonstrate the importance of continuous self-assessment and growth. It encourages a culture of leadership development within the organisation and inspires others to invest in their own leadership journey.

In summary, the i-Lead assessment is highly recommended for seasoned, experienced leaders as it provides an opportunity for self-reflection, identification of blind spots, validation of strengths, and staying abreast of evolving leadership trends. It supports leaders in their continual growth, enables them to lead by example, and ensures their ongoing effectiveness in their leadership roles.

How can I purchase the i-Lead assessment tool?

You can easily purchase the i-Lead assessment tool directly from our website. Simply choose the type of purchase (individual, coach or SME), your product or bundle, add it to your cart, and proceed to payment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including PayPal, through Stripe.

How will I receive the i-Lead assessment tool?

Once your order is processed, you will receive the i-Lead assessment tool inside the Leading360 portal. If you’re purchasing on behalf of an organisation, you will receive e-vouchers to distribute to individuals within the organisation.

Can I get a refund for the i-Lead assessment tool?

Refunds are available if you request them within 14 days of purchase provided you have yet to use the assessment. Once the assessment has been accessed, refunds are not available.

What If I encounter a technical issue and cannot process the assessment?

If you encounter technical issues or cannot access the assessment, please contact us for assistance. If the problem remains, we will refund you in full.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

As a member, you’ll be the first to know about updates, receive exclusive offers, and access curated content and reports on leadership. You’ll also be able to take the assessment once a month at no extra cost.

How do I create an account and update my information?

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Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time and still have access to your profile and results. Check more options in “Managing My Account”.

Can I delete my Account?

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How can I get technical support?

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What should I do if I never receive the assessment in my email?

Please check your spam or junk folder first. If you still can’t find it, contact us immediately, and we will prioritize resolving the issue for you.

Are there any troubleshooting guides available?

For detailed troubleshooting documentation, please refer to our Help Center or contact us directly for specific assistance.

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