Journey to Leadership Resilience

In the fast-paced rhythm of today’s world, leadership transcends beyond titles and positions – it’s about sparking a meaningful change. At Leading360, we delve into what makes a leader truly impactful in the 21st century.

Our innovative approach combines global insights with the heart of your unique leadership style. Think of our iLead Assessment as your personal leadership compass, crafted with advanced algorithms to reveal how your beliefs and actions shape your team, organization, and the wider community.

How does Leading360 add value to your leadership journey?

At the heart of every great leader lies the potential for even greater achievements. That’s where Leading360 steps in. We believe in going beyond the conventional strength-based models to offer a 360-degree insight into your leadership style. Imagine having a tool that not only assesses your skills but also aligns with your unique leadership values.

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Embark on our 5 step Leadership Journey - from Data to Destiny

The 5D’s Leadership Journey

1. Data

Start the journey assessing your leadership characteristics through our unique iLead tool that enables you to choose what you believe to be right and your approaches to addressing key leadership issues.


2. Discovery

 In this stage, your responses are analysed to identify personalised insights and score your leadership stage


3. Development

Reflect on the necessary steps and investments to propel your leadership aspirations forward.


4. Discipline

Commit to embedding the personal and structural changes essential for sustained leadership growth into your daily practice.


5 Destiny

Record and track your evolving leadership journey and priorities in your personalised dashboard. A testament to your growth and transformation.


Start your iLead journey today by choosing the right package.


For individual leaders seeking personal development and clarity on their strengths and limitations. The assessment will provide valuable self-awareness and guide your development journey enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Building bridges in cross-generational leadership

Small & Medium Companies

Small and Mid-sized enterprises looking to develop existing leaders, identify potential leaders, improve team dynamics and cultivate a culture for growth and success.

Coaches & Mentors

Designed for coaches and mentors to provide objective evaluations, foster self-awareness, develop targeted plans and track client progress. The assessment enables personalized coaching, addresses blind spots, builds confidence and measures the impact of coaching efforts.

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Are you ready to uncover the secrets to leadership success and learn why our assessment is the key to achieving it? Our eBook, “Effective Leadership,” is your gateway to a world of Leadership insights and knowledge. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into what makes our company and our assessment stand out from the rest.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

In today’s business world, effective leadership is crucial for success. Many companies face a leadership crisis, experiencing employee attrition due to suboptimal leadership.

The Leadership Gap is a reality felt yet not fully understood by many organisations.

Leadership is evolving, and there’s a significant gap we can’t ignore. The Leadership Gap is the disconnect between current leadership capabilities and the skills needed to navigate our dynamic business environment. This gap can disrupt team cohesion, reduce engagement, and limit organisational growth. Start bridging this gap today!


Uncover key insights to an exceptional leadership!

Embark on a journey to elevate your leadership skills with our expertly crafted e-book. Filled with vital insights and practical tips, this guide empowers you to inspire your team, drive innovation, and lead with unwavering confidence. Transform from a manager to a visionary leader who makes a real difference.

Take a deep dive into our free e-book and elevate your leadership skills.

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